Worlds Apart: Conflict Exposure and Conflict Termination Preferences. The Journal of Conflict Resolution. (2018). Online Supplement

Peace and its Discontents. Invited to Revise and Resubmit at The Journal of Peace Research

Hierarchy and the Provision of Order in International Politics: The Self-Organization of Joint-Production Security Communities. With Kyle Beardsley, Howard Liu, Peter Mucha, and David Siegel. Invited to Revise and Resubmit at The Journal of Politics

Freedom House’s Scarlet Letter: Assessment Power through Transnational Pressure. With Jordan Roberts. Under Revision for Edited Volume on Global Performance Indicators. Cambridge University Press.

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 “Taking Dyads Seriously”. with Shahryar Minhas, Cassy Dorff, Margaret Foster, Max Gallop, Howard Liu, and Michael D. Ward. Under Review. 

Fighting the War of the Flea: Transportation Infrastructure and Insurgent Tactics. With Howard Liu. Under Review. 

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“Repression and Dissent in Contemporary Catalonia”. With Laia Balcells and Spencer Dorsey. Under Review.

“Local Order, Policing and Bribes: Evidence from India”. With Arinudh Krishna and Erik Wibbels. 

Policy Reports:

“Indonesia’s Generasi Program Long-term Impact Evaluation Report”. In Preparation for The World Bank.

“Mid-Term Performance Evaluation of the Land and Rural Development Program”. Prepared for The United States Agency for International Development.